Like most commercial websites, you just need to go to the product description of the various items that interest you and add them to your cart, specifying each time the quantity desired. On every addition you will be redirected to your cart to verify its contents. You can also, at any time, return to your cart by clicking on [MY CART] at the top of each page. To remove an item from your cart, simply click on the little cross beside the product name. Once you have finished shopping, click on [CHECKOUT] from your cart. If you already have an account with us, please login so that you do not have to re-enter all your data for delivery. If you are a new customer, simply enter the requested information and choose yourself a password. Select your preferred delivery and payment methods and then save your order by clicking on [PLACE ORDER NOW]. If you choose to pay by credit card or via PayPal, you will be automatically redirected to the online payment website. In any case, a confirmation page is displayed informing you of the validation (or failure) of your order.

Once on your cart page, simply enter the code in the relevant box and click on [APPLY]. If your promotion code is valid, your cart will be automatically recalculated.
First, within few minutes after your order you will receive an email including all the elements of your purchase (order number, billing and delivery address(es), method of payment, list of items, total, etc.). Subsequently, when your package is dispatched, you will receive a second email including the tracking number of your package as a link: a single click will then redirect you to a page containing information on your parcel.
If your order should have been paid by bank transfer and if this payment has not been processed yet, you just need to inform us so that we can cancel the order. If your order had been paid but has not been shipped yet, we will refund your entire purchase. If your order had already been shipped, be sure to refuse delivery to avoid paying for the return postage. Upon receipt of your returned items, we will refund the amount of your order, after deducting the shipping costs. In the case of refunding for an order that has been paid by bank transfer, if you provide us with a PayPal account to be credited, process will be much faster.


Absolutely. None of your bank details are ever stored or passed on from our system.
Upon completion of your order, you will be redirected to a secure page of our online payment system. We use a secure protocol (SSL) recognizable by the “https” shown in your address bar. The SSL security is also identifiable by a small lock visible in the address bar.
Yes you can. You just have to place your order normally on the site and check the “transfer” box when choosing the method of payment. The only difference for an order paid for by credit card or via PayPal is that we have to wait until the actual receipt of your payment in order to ship your package. Please include in your banking transaction the order number that has been communicated to you upon registration of your purchase.


Once your package is shipped, our server will automatically send you a notification email containing the tracking number of your package as a clickable link. You can then simply click on the link to be redirected to the shipper’s tracking site. If for any reason, you cannot use the link sent to you in your notification email, you can also access this tracker from your account on our website.
This depends on the usual protocols of the mail service for the given shipping country.
First, check with your neighbours or concierge if your parcel was delivered to them in your absence. If this is not the case, then check with your post office, giving them the relevant tracking number of your package and let us know the outcome of your request. Please Note: Beyond 30 days from the date of shipment, we will not be able to fulfill your request.
Send us an email of a photograph of the damaged item(s) so that we can take action against the carrier. In any case, send us a sworn declaration containing the list of the damaged item(s) so we can resend them to you as soon as possible. We may also ask you to return the item(s) to us.


No, it is not. First, make sure the email address you used to create your account is correct (typos and errors are so easy to make!). If the address is correct, then please check the junk folder. If no confirmation email has been received, please contact us at support@venustars.com and we will send it out to you.
A plethora of servers and browsers makes it difficult to develop a functional site on 100% of the configurations. If you face any problem in placing your order, please send us a message through our contact form describing as precisely as possible the issue that you have been encountering. We will try to find a solution as soon as possible.